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Organic homemade holistic products perfectly curated out of love to help nourish the body.

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Our Purpose

Tahis Mayte has always been passionate about the connection of mind, body, and soul. Her interest in herbalism and holistic practice dates back to her childhood. Her father is a medical doctor from the Dominican Republic who specializes in holistic practices and her mother is a massage therapist and acupuncturist. From a young age, she learned about herbal recipes and homeopathic and Chinese medicine. Her interest in holistic health peaked during the pandemic due to her own health issues with asthma and hormone imbalance and her brother's fight against stage 4 cancer. Tahis Mayte's approach is rooted in preventive work and helping to close the gap in racial health disparities. She strives to do this by using her platform to bring awareness to communities of color and educate them on medicinal herbs, vitamins, supplements, healthy food alternatives, and holistic approaches that help heal the body. Furthermore, her goal is to create products that are affordable for her community. She takes pride in creating all of her products and incorporates ethical clean ingredients and practices. These products are homemade with organic, non-GMO ingredients and most importantly made with love, to allow you to lumen (glow) from the inside out.

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